Have you thought about leaving your job to take a travel break?

Have you considered leaving your job to go travelling for a while?

One of my clients did just that. She booked some sessions with me to get her head sorted with what she really wanted to be doing with her career and her life.

She decided that she wanted to travel for a few months, and wanted a change of work when she got back. We did some research and planning together and she then resigned and off she went.

I’ve had a few messages whilst she’s been away, and we’ve discussed a few opportunities that have arisen and she’s applied for some roles. Today she got in touch to say she had a third interview this week, a second for another organisation both virtual interviews. Plus a face to face interview for another company in their office of the country she’s currently in. Pretty cool!

With the hybrid way we work now, this kind of situation is going to get more common I’m sure – travelling whilst job hunting and possibly having a job to go back to on your return!