It pays to network!

It pays to network!

If you’ve worked with me, you’ll know that I bang on about how important your network is, especially during job search.

Last week, one of my clients was wanting to apply for a job. It was an online application, via LinkedIn but on the recruiting company website.

We worked together on updating the CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile. Everything was a good match.

The application went in, but there was some kind of system issue which meant the CV uploaded but the cover letter did not.

My client had a connection at the company, and so messaged them for advice. The connection was able to track down the departmental manager, which then meant my client could email the cover letter over and then got a response from the manager to say that he’d matched the cover letter to the application.

Excellent! Pretty likely that the manager will remember my client when the applications are sifted, so fingers crossed for an interview!

If you’re ever nervous about asking someone in your network for something, ask yourself if you’d mind being asked for whatever it is. Pretty sure you wouldn’t, so give it a go!

It’s no secret that I love LinkedIn, I think the networking potential is just so fantastic. Build your network with people you know and trust or those you’d like to know better. People generally like to help each other.