The LinkedIn job search is frustrating!

So many people tell me that they find the LinkedIn job search frustrating.

I ran a poll to find out what exactly it was that people found most annoying.

59% of people said that it was when they typed in a job title to the search bar and hit Search, the results that came back seemingly had nothing to do with what they’ve typed in.

So I thought I’d record a quick video to give you some tips on what you can do to hopefully make
that job search better for you. You can watch that video here, or you can read through the rest of the blog which explains the steps to make a better search.

So, first of all, what I’m going to do is go to the search bar and type in Talent Manager, which is
a role that one of my clients is looking for at the moment.

I’m used the location of United Kingdom and what will do is run a search and a number of results will appear (in the video attached it came up with 4033 results).

Now, as you look through the results presented, you will see a lot of these do not have Talent Manager in the job title at all.

What LinkedIn does, is it goes through and it searches through the job description itself for either of those words. Not just the job title.

And not necessarily both of them together. So what you can do to start narrowing down your search initially,  is to try to use quote marks. Before and after the words – so “talent manager” – then that’s telling LinkedIn that you want both of those words in that order.

In the video demo, you’ll see that this  cut down the results to 1944 (still quite a lot).

And still there are things here that aren’t Talent Manager in the job title.

So this time, if you click on all filters, what you can do now is scroll right down towards the bottom and you will see a list of job titles.

These are all the job titles that are found in the LinkedIn job search at the moment that have Talent Manager somewhere within that job description.

What I would suggest is you check the box here for Talent Manager.

So you’re now saying you want the title of the role to be Talent Manager

This cut the results down to 35 jobs.

Click on that and you will now see that most of these roles do have Talent Manager just in the title there.

If you notice some that don’t have that job title, they are most likely a promoted job which the recruiting organisation has paid to appear when someone searches for Talent Manager.

At this point, what I would recommend you do is set your job alert.

That means then you will get notified via your notifications, which could be through LinkedIn or through email, however you’ve got that set up, each time something new comes up with Talent Manager
in the title, you will be notified.

Hopefully that helps explain how you can make better use of the job search function.

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