Who do people look at on LinkedIn before or after they look at you?

Who do people look at on LinkedIn before or after they look at you?

Do you want to tell people who they should look at after you?

Are you passing work opportunities to your competitors or are you using this as a benchmark?

If you go to your profile page, on the right hand side you’ll be able to see who is in that list (unless you’ve already switched the function off).

Recently, I’ve been working with lots of members of the same sales team who lost their jobs in the same restructure.

During the LinkedIn sessions I had with each of them, they nearly all wanted to switch off the setting which tells people looking at their profiles who else they might want to look at.

In the case of the sales team, the list was made up of all their colleagues and so their thought was they didn’t want to send recruiters to now competing candidates.

I find it really interesting to see who comes up on my list (right hand side of the screen shot). I guess these people are all “competition” in some way, but I’m connected to all of them, and have shared many messages and in most cases lots of conversations or sessions with these people. I’m really pleased that they are linked to me in this way, it makes me think I’m doing the right thing if these are the people that are being looked at in the same session as me.

Take action on LinkedIn:

If you decide switching it off is the right thing for you, click on Me, Settings and Privacy, scroll down to general preferences and then toggle people also viewed to off.

What do you think about this feature – is it useful or potentially damaging for you?

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screen shot displaying people also viewed on the right hand side
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