Why you should set your LinkedIn Profile Photo to public

Do you know how (some) recruiters shortlist for interviews?

I was reading an article recently and it said that a study showed that people were assessing LinkedIn profile photos to decide if they’d interview the candidates, and the results showed those people who were smiling in their photos were more likely to get called for an interview.

It’s a good reminder that people will be looking at your profile if you’ve applied for a job, and if the assumption is that a smiling profile photo is going to be more likely to secure the interview, then you also need to make sure that the photo is visible to people you’re not connected to.

A surprising number of people have their settings so that they don’t display their photo to non-connections. I would advise to check your settings as often people don’t know that they can’t be seen.

To check this, go to settings and privacy, visibility, edit your public profile, and on he right hand side, toggle the switch to ensure your photo is visible to all on LinkedIn (or public which includes google etc).