Who do people look at on LinkedIn before or after they look at you?

Who do people look at on LinkedIn before or after they look at you? Do you want to tell people who they should look at after you? Are you passing work opportunities to your competitors or are you using this as a benchmark? If you go to your profile page, on the right hand side […]

It pays to network!

It pays to network! If you’ve worked with me, you’ll know that I bang on about how important your network is, especially during job search. Last week, one of my clients was wanting to apply for a job. It was an online application, via LinkedIn but on the recruiting company website. We worked together on […]

Use LinkedIn to publicly or privately advertise you’re looking for work

LinkedIn Job Search Tip! On LinkedIn you can advertise publicly or privately that you’re looking for work. If you’re looking for work but you don’t like the green banner displaying you’re Open to Work, did you know you can set it up so that nothing is visible on your profile, but you are still signalling […]

Why you should set your LinkedIn Profile Photo to public

Do you know how (some) recruiters shortlist for interviews? I was reading an article recently and it said that a study showed that people were assessing LinkedIn profile photos to decide if they’d interview the candidates, and the results showed those people who were smiling in their photos were more likely to get called for an […]

LinkedIn Premium Role Guides

LinkedIn Premium Benefit! If you are looking to move into a new area of work, LinkedIn Learning now has Role Guides for you to look at. Have a watch of my short video (less than 3 minutes) which shows you which roles are featured and what you get for each role. Really useful if you’re […]

The LinkedIn job search is frustrating!

So many people tell me that they find the LinkedIn job search frustrating. I ran a poll to find out what exactly it was that people found most annoying. 59% of people said that it was when they typed in a job title to the search bar and hit Search, the results that came back […]

Have you thought about leaving your job to take a travel break?

Have you considered leaving your job to go travelling for a while? One of my clients did just that. She booked some sessions with me to get her head sorted with what she really wanted to be doing with her career and her life. She decided that she wanted to travel for a few months, […]